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Commercials & Industrials

National and Regional Commercials - Leads

Corporate Industrials, Training Films Worldwide -

Leads, supporting

Special Skills

-Teleprompter expert

-Skilled improvisor

-Proficient medical and business jargon narrator

-Engaging host/facilitator

-Quick Study

-Friend to all animals and children

Also.... cooking, bike riding, rollerblading, kayacking, dog training, event planning, bartending, bad accents, and general silliness.

Height: 5”5"                               Hair Color: Sandy

Weight: 108 lbs                         Eye Color: Green         

Location: New York, NY

Conflicts upon request

Film & Television, incl
Stage, incl.

FBI: Most Wanted S3, Ep17


Lifetime TV -Stalker's Prey 2 - 2019

Susan Conrad - Supporting

Queen of the Mold - Carbonated Films - 2019

Realtor - Featured

Your World Too - Melty Cone Productions - 2018

Ava - Lead

Ice Hockey - Tim Whitney Productions - 2015

Guiding the Bride in Orthopedic Shoes - The PIT 2018

Solo performer - writer

Comedy Sportz NYC - Comedy Sportz USA - 2006-11

Improvisor - Lead

Laughingstock Co/Leadership Masters - 2005-Present

Facilitator-Actor-Writer -Corporate Trainer US & International

Co-Dependent Theater Company NYC  2002-2012

Founding member - Short-form and Musical Improv NYC & US

Mom, supporting

Training & Education, incl.

UMASS Amherst - BA Theater

Alice Spivak, Caymichael Patton- Technique

PIT NYC- Comedy, Longform Improv

Kevin Scott/Ralph Buckley - Improv

Web, incl.

Department of Ed - Sabrina Thompson Prod. -2017

Mrs. Walters - lead 

Common Sense Police - Rob King Prod. -2014

Mrs. Harbour - supporting

Don't Walk - Kemp Baldwin Prod. - 2016

Mom - featured

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